2021 AMI Online Salon

Embolization of AV Fistula – John Doe

Project Detail

  • Entrant Name:  Stephen Mader
  • Other Contributors: Ken Vanderstoe, Dino Pulera
  • Client:Personal Injury Attorney
  • Copyright: Artery Studios Inc., 2020
  • Medium/software used:0
  • Final presentation format:mp4 video to be presented by the attorney/medical expert
  • Primary Audience:Attorney, judge, jury, medical experts

Project Description

This animation was created as demonstrative evidence for use in a medical malpractice file. In this case, an interventional radiologist incorrectly injected embolic materials into an arteriovenous fistula resulting in obstruction of arteries that supply the brainstem, thalamus, temporal lobe and occipital lobe. The inadvertent embolization of these critical vessels resulted in multiple infarctions. Using angiograms, MR/CT scans, medical reports and medical literature, this animation translated the highly-complex angio findings associated with the fine arteries, the concepts of injection into vessels and the anatomical/pathological details leading to the plaintiff’s injuries into a clear visual format. Detailed 3D anatomical modeling and simplified 2D animation help to clarify the extent of trauma. The movie allowed the testifying medical experts to demonstrate the severity of the plaintiff’s brain injuries due to the improper treatment protocol (malpractice) of the treating doctor.