2021 AMI Online Salon

Internal Palm and Digits

Project Details

  • Entrant Name:  Sana Khan
  • Client:Dave Mazierski & Dr. Shelley Wall
  • Copyright: Sana Khan, 2021
  • Medium/software used:Carbon dust, graphite, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
  • Final presentation format:Print, full page in Anatomy Atlas
  • Primary Audience:Medical students and residents

Project Description

The intended purpose of this illustration is to provide an accurate visual representation of the internal structure of a human hand. The primary goal is to demonstrate the intricate spatial relationships among arteries, veins, nerves, tendons, muscles, ligaments and bones (the palmar aponeuroses and transverse metacarpal ligaments have been omitted.) Because there are many “layers” to the hand with regards to where neurovascular and muscular structures are placed in relation to one another, this illustration aims to serve as an aid in visually communicating tissue organization by visualizing structures deep to superficial from the left side of the hand to the right.