2021 AMI Online Salon

Guide to Vaginas: For Havers & Users

Project Details

  • Entrant Name:  Tziporah Thompson
  • Client: NA
  • Copyright: Tziporah Thompson, 2020
  • Medium/software used: iPad Procreate
  • Final presentation format: Image slideshow for social media
  • Primary Audience: Lay audience


Project Description

Female bodies have always been subjected to extreme levels of scrutiny and judgement. While seeming to promote vulvar hygiene and cleanliness, many marketing campaigns are uniquely crafted to prompt shame. This, along with a basic lack of education, has led to rampant ignorance and fear around female bodies, especially in the adolescent population.

I designed this comic to teach the fundamentals of vaginal/vulvar anatomy and health in a fun and accessible way. While it is not comprehensive, it provides a foundation to open up the conversation in a way that dispels shame. It begins with basic anatomy for context and ends with a focus on developing a positive relationship with a professional healthcare provider. Sharing this guide publicly on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook resulted in widespread appreciation and excitement. A common refrain became ‘I wish I had known about this in high school!’