2021 AMI Online Salon

Good Therapeutics Context-Dependent Drugs

Project Detail

  • Entrant Name:  David Ehlert
  • Other Contributors:  Jared Travnicek, Dani Bergey
  • Client: Good Therapeutics
  • Copyright: Good Therapeutics, 2020
  • Medium/software used: Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects
  • Final presentation format: Website image
  • Primary Audience: Investors, potential pharmaceutical partners, potential business development partners

Project Description

The aim of this animation was to summarize the client’s context-dependent protein drugs that sense biomarkers and respond with a therapeutic activity, i.e., “systemic delivery, local activity”. The challenge was to obscure the details of the drug structure while still explaining the context-dependent nature. Our solution had two key elements. First, we defined visually discrete ON and OFF states for the drug to animate between upon activation and deactivation. Second, we chose a visual style rare in the biotechnology space that supported simplified ball-and-stick drug depictions. This animation follows the story of the context-dependent drugs: systemic delivery in the OFF state, biomarker recognition resulting in a conformation change to the ON state, and the resulting immune cell activation.