2021 AMI Online Salon


Project Detail

  • Entrant Name:  Myriam Kirkman-Oh
  • Client:RAPT Therapeutics
  • Copyright: RAPT Therapeutics, 2018
  • Medium/software used:3D Animation created with Maxon C4d, Abode AfterEffects and PhotoShop
  • Final presentation format:Web and Salons
  • Primary Audience:Investors and Biotech professionals

Project Description

Animation created by KO Studios to demonstrate the MOA of FLX475, “a small molecule CCR4 antagonist designed to block the migration of Treg cells specifically into tumors, but not healthy tissues, without depleting Treg throughout the body, which we believe may decrease the likelihood of side effects.” (RAPT Therapeutics) RAPT developed FLX475 for the treatment of a broad range of ‘charged’ tumors, which represent cancer types they believe are most likely to respond to FLX475. In cancer, the secretion of certain chemokines from tumor cells and tumor-resident immune cells are responsible for recruitment of immunosuppressive Treg to tumor sites. Treg represent a dominant pathway for down regulating the immune response, and thus may limit the effectiveness of checkpoint inhibitors. Therefore, blocking the migration of Treg has the potential to restore naturally occurring antitumor immunity as well as to work in unison with a variety of both conventional and immune-based therapies.