2021 AMI Online Salon

Adventure Down Hidden Depths

Project Details

  • Entrant Name:  Willow Yang
  • Client: Faculty advisors: Shelley Wall and Derek Ng, Content advisor: Nicole Koziel
  • Copyright: Willow Yang, 2021
  • Medium/software used:Ren’Py, Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Illustrator
  • Final presentation format:Digital downloadable desktop game
  • Primary Audience:Young adults with ADHD

Project Description

Adventure Down Hidden Depths (AdventDHD) is a self-directed, interactive, visual narrative that provides ADHD coaching for young adults with ADHD.  Despite heavy impacts on daily life, adult ADHD often goes underdiagnosed’”and undertreated. A common non-pharmaceutical treatment is ADHD coaching; however, traditional ADHD coaching is inaccessible to many young adults due to financial or scheduling barriers, while independent tools like guidebooks can be extremely unengaging for those with ADHD. Created as a year-long Master’s Research Project, AdventDHD intends to fulfill this need for more readily available ADHD coaching, while also serving as a foray into a deeper understanding of the use of interactive, graphic narratives as a method of mental health education. By combining professionally reviewed ADHD coaching techniques with vibrant audiovisuals and an immersive narrative, AdventDHD aims to provide an approachable alternative method of ADHD coaching to young adults.