Raven speaks from her unique perspective as a scientist and educator and her STEM pathway. She will teach attendees how to be unapologetically yourself in STEM and as well as the broader impacts of doing so. diversity, science communication, inclusion, equity Raven Baxter, also known as Raven the Science Maven, is an award-winning and internationally acclaimed science educator and molecular biologist who works to progress science culture by creating spaces that are inclusive, educational, and real. She is an entertainer and content creator known for her unique style of combining science and music that teaches and empowers those in STEM and beyond. Raven speaks about innovation in science education and social change in STEM. She is completing a doctorate in science education in May 2021.

Raven Baxter

Raven is the founder of Science Haven, an organization that operates at the intersections of science, education, and the public. Science Haven houses STEMbassy, a live web series that connects the public with science and technology professionals, and Black In Science Communication, a group that works to build relationships in the science community, equipping others with the knowledge and resources necessary to share science with the world in their own flavor. Raven also owns and operates Smarty Pants, a clothing company that sells fun and stylish STEM-themed apparel and accessories. Smarty Pants also contributes a portion of its sales toward a scholarship for STEM students.

Raven has quickly developed a reputation as a strong voice in science and has been recognized as a global influencer in several publications, including Fortune Magazine’s 40 Under 40 list for 2020. Raven has also earned the State University of New York Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence in honor of her service in educating the public about COVID-19.