Person to Person

An opportunity to hire the best biomedical visual expert.

The Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) is once again offering a unique opportunity to connect clients with practicing professional members of the AMI for employment. The Person-to-Person (P2P) Interviews forum is an exclusive service offered at our conferences.

This year’s 74th Annual Meeting will have a robust program with well-recognized speakers, attracting a large contingent of the AMI’s membership. The P2P Interviews are of great benefit to clients, AMI members and other meeting attendees, wishing to conduct meetings for prospective employment opportunities.

The AMI’s Annual Meeting is North America’s premier conference on biomedical visualization. This year’s meeting will be held at the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee in Milwaukee, WI which will serve as the central hub for hundreds of visual communication leaders, consultants and buyers, who are innovators in the medical, scientific and healthcare industries.

Benefits to your Company

  • Reserved private meeting room for a 4-hour block of time for client/member interviews.
  • Weekly email broadcast to AMI membership with Person-to-Person posting of your employment needs.
  • Opportunities for you to mix and mingle with AMI members at our central social space at the conference.
  • Meeting room signage.
  • The chance to view the extensive Member Salon showcasing a wide variety of media including print, interactive and animation.

Registration Fee

The fee for this service is only $500. Considering the typical cost of specifically targeted employment advertising (online and print ads), the P2P Interviews forum is an ideal way to meet the best candidates all in one setting – saving you time and money.

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The Association of Medical Illustrators does not investigate nor verify the qualifications of any client or any potential employees or employment conditions described by the client. It is up to the individual AMI member to conduct his/her own investigation prior to the Annual Meeting, sign up for an interview and take responsibility accordingly.