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Welcome to Illuminate: Exploring Ideas in Biomedical Visual Communication

Illuminate: to clarify, to adorn with images, to bring light to a subject. It's a simple word with many layers of meaning - all of which speak to the role of the medical illustrator in the communication of science. We invite you to explore with us the idea of biomedical illumination at the 67th Annual Meeting of the Association of Medical Illustrators in Toronto - a vibrant, international city that reflects the global outreach of the AMI community.

The conference will focus on our unique ability to illuminate complex issues, with a robust program of world-class speakers. Their presentations will describe the many facets of our growing and ever-changing profession, while demonstrating the continuing importance of visual communication in the biomedical sciences. Audra Geras will speak about professionalism in the changing medical illustration market. E.O. Wilson and Gaël McGill will show recent developments in publishing and education with their Life on Earth - a digital biology textbook for the iPad. Ben Fry will demonstrate how visualization of complex data can help to illuminate hidden meaning and reveal patterns. Dr. Richard Satava will describe innovations in biomedical simulation. And Hall Train will describe his work in paleontological visualization to show us the role of the artist in scientific investigation. Numerous other presentations on technique foundations, historical perspectives on medicine, educational theory, and communication concepts will deepen our day-to-day working knowledge of practices in our field.

We've introduced something new this year: each day will have a distinct theme addressed in a series of presentations. On Thursday we'll explore the role of visualization in Medical and Scientific Education. Friday's theme is Scientific Visualization - from hard facts to imagined worlds. And Saturday will include a focus on Gaming and Simulation in medical research and discovery. These will be supplemented with parallel offerings of less specialized topics for those with broader interests and areas of practice.

We're hosting the conference at the Delta Chelsea Hotel - right in the heart of Toronto, near the teaching hospitals, universities, cultural attractions and shopping. As at the 1998 Toronto Meeting, we'll have lots of space for our plenary sessions, concurrent presentations, digital and traditional salons, Tech Showcase and Person-to-Person meetings in the well-appointed meeting rooms. In addition, there's a large central reception area that'll allow for catching up with old friends or innovating the next best visual solution with colleagues. The Salon will be in close proximity to the presentations so you can easily slip in for a few minutes several times a day to view the amazing work of AMI members.

We promise that you'll be stimulated by the robust program, stellar lineup of speakers, riveting presentations, great workshops and Tech Showcase presentations, and our coordination of social interactions for networking and connecting with friends.

We look forward to welcoming you to Toronto!

Stephen Mader (Meeting Chair)
Marc Dryer (Program Chair)

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