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2008 Exhibitor, Sponsor and Person-to-Person Prospectus

Sponsorship at the AMI 2008 annual meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana, July 16 - 20 provides a great opportunity to increase your corporate and product visibility. Potential exhibitors, sponsors and Person-to-person clients, please click here to download the 2008 prospectus.

Conference Highlights: Wednesday, July 16 - Sunday, July 20, 2008: See Program page for details

  • Afshad Mistri, Medical Imaging Market Manager, Apple, Inc., will present 3D Volume Rendering of Diagnostic Medical Imaging Datasets. Volume rendering has become invaluable in a wide variety of imaging applications in the areas of biomedical, industrial, geoscience, and bioscience. Mr. Mistri will review clinical volume rendering with Osirix and present imagery from MRI, CT, PET, and other medical datasets.

  • Keith Kasnot and Craig Foster will present a Plenary Session The Ace of Hearts Motorcycle: the Design and Production of a Heart-themed Motorcycle.

  • Brad Holland, a pioneer of contemporary conceptual illustration based in New York, will present a Plenary Session entitled Confessions of a Short Order Artist. Brad has been called one of the most important illustrators of our time, and has helped transform a profession of artists and renderers into one of conceptualizers and conceivers. In recent years, Brad has devoted an extraordinary amount of time to the fight for illustrators to retain rights to their intellectual property.

  • Bill Andrews will present Effects of Light on Color and Texture.

  • Joanna Ebenstein will present Anatomic Theater: History of Museum Artifacts.

  • Robert Demarest will present a Concurrent Session entitled, Fifty Years of Anatomy in Fifty Minutes.

  • Carl Clingman will present Photoshop Luminosity Mask for Color Illustration.

  • Amanda Yarberry Behr, Joanne Haderer Muller, Tonya Hines, and panelists will present a Concurrent Session entitled, Business Practices 101. Included will be business topics related to institutional employment of medical illustrators, a transition to self-employment, and issues relating to the use of Stock Art.

  • Art Olson, Ph.D., Professor of Molecular Biology, and Graham Johnson will present a Plenary Session entitled, Molecular Illustration. Included will be molecular imagery created at The Scripps Research Institute's Molecular Graphics Laboratory.

  • Joseph Pangrace, Medical Illustration Section Leader, Center for Medical Art and Photography at the Cleveland Clinic, will present Digital Pen and Ink Using Adobe Illustrator.

  • Charles Falco, Ph.D., Professor of Optical Science and Chair, Condensed Matter Physics, University of Arizona will present a Plenary and Concurrent Session on the Art and Science of Optics: The Use of a Mirror Lens by Renaissance Artists.

  • Terry Trammell, M.D., Specialist in Trauma, Spine, and Motorsports Medicine, Orthopaedics Indianapolis, will present a Plenary Session Lower Extremity Trauma and Reconstruction Following Indy Car Racing Accidents.

  • Michael Murphy, M.D., Assistant Professor of Surgery, Indiana University School of Medicine, will present a Plenary Session Stem Cells: Research and Clinical Application in Peripheral Vascular Disease.

  • Jennifer Fairman and the Vesalius Trust Scholars will present a Vesalius Trust Scholars Plenary Session entitled Current Investigations and Research in Biomedical Illustration. All 2007 Vesalian Scholarship Applicants will also have an opportunity to present and display their work in poster format at the Vesalius Trust Poster Session.

  • Jodie Jenkinson will present Designing Information for Healthcare.

  • Tonya Hines will present Metadata - the Key to Protecting Copyright and Licensing Terms in Digital Imagery.

  • Ahmet Sinav, M.D., Professor of Cellular Biology and Anatomy, Medical College of Georgia, will present a Concurrent Session Anatomical Mistakes in Anatomy Atlases.

  • Kevin Millar will present Making the Move to HD in Video and Animation.

  • Don Stredney, Senior Research Scientist, Biomedical Applications, Ohio Supercomputer Center will present The Virtual Temporal Bone. This project has just been selected to receive the 2008 Frank Netter Award.

  • Robert Benassi, Don Biggerstaff, Robert Demarest, Craig Gosling, Neil Hardy, George Lynch, Dave Mascaro, and Bill Stenstrom will be panelists discussing What Has Changed in 30 Years of Medical Illustration?

2008 AMI-INDY Forums: See Program page for details

  • Michael Belknap, AMI President, will moderate the 2008 AMI-INDY Members Forum. This year's discussion will emphasize topics of interest and relevance to the AMI Membership including Artist Rights (ASIP as well as Orphan Works Legislation).

  • Betsy Palay will moderate the 2008 AMI-INDY Futures Forum. This year's panel will discuss, Learning Curve or Curveball: Anticipating an Uncertain Future.

Workshop Highlights: Wednesday, July 18, 2008: See Program page for details

  • Bill Andrews will present a half-day Workshop entitled, Color Theory and Color Palettes for the Medical Illustrator. The workshop will explore the use of color in medical illustration and provide tips for using color to provide visual emphasis, to enhance a reflected light, and to achieve an overall desired effect. This session is sure to fill up early.

  • Anatomists from the Indiana University School of Medicine will conduct a half-day Workshop entitled, Brain and Cranial Nerve Anatomy. The workshop will review the intricate anatomy of the brain, the brain stem, and cranial nerves directly from anatomical specimens. A review of radiological images by the instructors will provide insight into the disease processes that may occur in the brain. If you have an interest in the brain, register early for this one.

  • David Mascaro and Charles Falco, Ph.D will present a half-day Workshop entitled, Portraiture: With and Without Cheats. This will be a two-part experimental workshop in a studio setting at IUPUI's Herron School of Art during which participants will pair up and draw each other using David Mascaro's classical technique. In the second half of the workshop, the same pairs will complete a second set of portrait sketches using Dr. Falco's two camera obscuras, technology that was used by famous artists in the Renaissance. The two sets of sketches will be compared in a critique at the end of the session.

  • Cameron Slayden will conduct a full-day Workshop entitled, Intermediate Cinema 4D. The workshop will review the amazing potential of Cinema 4D in creating exciting medical animation. Cinema 4D has extensive modeling, texturing, animation, and rendering capabilities. Cinema 4D is fast, stable, powerful and delivers dazzling imagery. It also allows customizable configuration suitable for any skill level. Register early for this one.

  • Gary Schnitz and Robert Baltera, M.D. from the Indiana Hand Center will present a half-day anatomy Workshop entitled, Hand and Upper Extremity Anatomy. The workshop is intended to provide a complete anatomical review of upper extremity anatomy directly from fresh frozen cadaveric specimens (no preservatives here). A presentation will also be provided to review common overuse syndromes, tendinitis, fractures, and radiological imaging. This session will be held right in the Conference Center; register early for this one.

  • Jim Beck, an accomplished medical sculptor with the IU School of Medicine's Visual Media Department, will conduct an informative workshop entitled, Analyzing Facial Beauty. The workshop is intended to provide insight regarding the common perceptions of facial beauty. The Workshop will attempt to quantify this abstract concept and offer insight into our own anatomical facial structure. This session will be located in Emersion Hall, a short walking distance from the hotel.

  • Richard McCoy, conservator at the Indianapolis Museum of Art will host a Behind the Scenes Tour of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The workshop includes a docent-lead tour of the amazing IMA facility and grounds. It will offer an in-depth look at museum conservation techniques and exhibit preparation, as well as an opportunity to visit and view the current IMA exhibitions. Transportation to the IMA is required.

  • Emily Shaw and Megan Bluhm Foldenauer will conduct a half-day First Timer's Workshop. The workshop is intended to provide "an overview of the AMI for those students, recent graduates and first-time meeting attendees wanting to learn more about the Association and the profession.
Entertainment and Happenings Around Town

A variety of social and networking activities are being planned for this year's meeting, from the stimulating salon opening reception and awards dinner, to the Vesalius Trust auction, to a fun party.

Social Event, Saturday, July 19
Info to come




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