This year's Salon will be on display in the heart of one of the world's biggest concentrations of biomedical firms. Within a few blocks are the headquarters of over 70 biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms, not to mention the campuses of MIT, Harvard, the Whitehead Institute and dozens of other research centers.

Two-dimensional artwork will be hung in the lobby of the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research at 100 Technology Square, just a block from the Boston Marriott Cambridge Hotel. Animation, multimedia, fine art, books and models will be right next door in the lobby of the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT.

The Gala Salon Opening Reception, sponsored by generous support from Novartis, will be held in their lobby, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 2. This is a unique opportunity to view the newest in medical art and to mingle with members and area businesses.

Salon Catalog

New this year:  The AMI is creating a promotional Salon Catalog, generously sponsored and printed by the Massachusetts Medical Society, to showcase artwork in the 2006 Salon. Copies will be available for meeting participants and the public at the Salon opening.

Click on the tabs below to view detailed instructions for entering artwork in the 2006 Salon in Boston.



Eligibility Requirements

The Salon is open to all Professional and Student members of the AMI. Members are limited to two entries per person. Salon Judges may enter artwork in any category with the exception of the categories that they are judging.

Artwork must be an original creation of the AMI member submitting the entry form. Artwork created by multiple illustrators (such as books) should have each AMI Member artist credited on the Salon Entry Form. Contributors who are not AMI Member artists may be credited but may not be considered the primary entrant and are not eligible for award. In the categories of Animation and Interactive, which are often collaborative efforts, AMI members who have acted in a Producer capacity may enter on behalf of their production company, or they may enter as a single illustrator, whichever is more appropriate.


The deadline for Salon registration is Friday, June 23, 2006. Artwork, complete with labels, must arrive by Friday, July 7, 2006 at the following address:

Broad Institute
Attn: AMI Salon
7 Cambridge Center
Cambridge, MA 02142

Telephone Number for Shipping: 1-617-423-4360

Deadlines will be strictly enforced.

Online Registration

New this year: Online registration for the Salon!

Meeting participants can use the easy, one-stop online registration for the meeting, Salon and workshops. Once you're ready to register, click here for online registration, or go to the meeting registration page at

Note: If you are unable to attend the meeting but wish to register artwork for the Salon, go to the meeting registration page and complete the Salon non-meeting-attendee portion.

When you register online for the Salon, you will first make payment for your entry fee. You will receive a Salon confirmation code and be directed to the online interactive Salon registration form. Your code must be entered into the appropriate place on the form. When you click to submit this form, a confirmation page will appear.

Note: If you are unable to complete your Salon entry information at the time of registration, you will need to download a Salon application PDF and submit it by fax or mail. Click here to download a Salon application PDF.

Registration by Fax or Mail

If you prefer to register by fax or mail, you must complete and submit a Salon Entry Form.
Click here to download a PDF version of the Salon Entry Form.

For registration by mail, your form ˝ complete with payment of the appropriate fees ˝ must be postmarked by Friday, June 23, 2006. Faxed registration must be received by June 23.

The Association of Medical Illustrators
P.O. Box 1897
Lawrence, KS 66044
ATTN: AMI 2006 Salon

Fax: 1-785-843-1274


Professional Members: $45 U.S. per entry
Student Members: $40 U.S. per entry

Payment can be made by Visa, Master Card or American Express. Makes checks or money orders payable in US dollars to the Association of Medical Illustrators. The appropriate fees must accompany your entry form in order for it to be accepted.

Registration fees plus completed Salon Entry Forms must be submitted (for online or faxed registration) or postmarked (for registration by mail) by June 23, 2006.


Online registrants for the Salon will receive immediate online confirmation. Registrants using fax or mail will receive a Salon entry confirmation in the mail.



Professional Categories

A. Instructional Color - artwork, didactic in nature, illustrating surgical, anatomic or pathologic structures and/or functions.
B. Instructional Continuous Tone - continuous tone artwork as above.
C. Instructional Line - black and white line artwork as above.
D. Editorial - medical illustrations that sum up the content of a publication or article by calling attention to the subject matter of same. All journal cover artwork should be entered into this category, regardless of content.
E. Advertising - medical illustrations intended to aid directly or indirectly in the sale of a commodity.
F. Marketing/Promotional - medical illustrations, didactic or otherwise, created to attract attention to or show support for a product, business or service.
G. Medical-Legal - illustrations produced to provide or accompany medical documentation in legal proceedings. Medical-Legal entries, given their overall dimensions, are digitally projected for judging purposes. A digitally formatted copy must be included with your entry. Please see the Categories Requiring Special Preparation section below.
H. Animation - sequential illustrated images produced to create the illusion of movement. Animation entries should be submitted on DVD. Please see the Categories Requiring Special Preparation section below.
I. Interactive Media - web site or stand alone (e.g. CD-ROM, kiosk) interactive media entries. Web sites must be submitted on CD-ROM. Please see the Categories Requiring Special Preparation section below.
J. Three-Dimensional Models - simulators, prostheses or other 3-D forms of a medical nature. Maximum acceptable size is 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 4 ft.
K. Fine Art - original art of non-medical, non-didactic subjects in any medium. Sculpture is restricted in size to 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 4 ft. 2-D works should not exceed 30" x 40" (including frame).
L. Illustrated Medical Book - illustrated books of a scientific or medical nature. Place appropriate code number on entry form:
L-1 Atlas
L-2 Reference/Clinical text
L-3 Nursing/Allied Health Professional text
L-4 College/High School/Elementary Science text
L-5 Children's text

Student Categories

Student entries must be curriculum-related, i.e., work completed in fulfillment of academic assignments/requirements and evaluated by faculty. To eliminate confusion regarding Salon artwork by recent graduates, the following policy has been established. Students are eligible to enter curriculum-related artwork in the Salon in a year that is the same as their year of academic graduation or students must be currently enrolled in a medical illustration program. Students cannot enter artwork in a professional category in the same year that they enter in a student category.

M. Instructional Tone
N. Instructional Line
O. Instructional Color
P. Editorial
Q. Advertising
R. Projection Media
S. Interactive Media
T. Animation



General Guidelines

•  All artwork for the Salon MUST BE submitted as a digital print, except for the Fine Art category.

•  All artwork MUST BE SMALLER THAN 20" x 24", including mat, because of the limited mount board size for the Salon. Illustrations too large, too cumbersome or too heavy to be safely hung will be excluded from the Salon.

•  Framed artwork will not be accepted in any category with the exception of Fine Art. The AMI will not assume responsibility for any damage to framed fine art entries.

•  Multiple views may be mounted or matted together as a single entry.

•  Each entry must be matted or mounted with FIRM BACKING (for example foam core) with the front mat firmly adhered to the backing on ALL four sides of the image. An acetate covering between the mat and the artwork is required for protection. DO NOT USE SHRINK WRAP. Any artwork damaged in transit will be excluded from the Salon.

•  For entries to be displayed on exhibit panels, please attach six 3-inch Velcro stripsˇthree on the top and three on the bottom edges of the backside of the piece as shown below.

Supporting Items

In order to be considered complete, each entry must be accompanied by

  • a Salon display label,
  • an artwork identification label,
  • a CD with a JPEG version of the artwork, and
  • a signed Salon Permission Form.

Note: Salon registrants will not receive an artwork preparation kit with their registration confirmation in 2006. All required supporting documentation must be downloaded from this web site.

Click on the tabs below for further instructions and to download the necessary documentation.


Salon Display Labels

For 2006, display labels will be produced by Salon entrants using the Salon Display Labels for traditional or new media shown below. Entrants should download the appropriate template and print the labels onto card stock. Eighty or 100 lb. white cover stock for use in laser or inkjet printers is recommended.

Click here to download a PDF version of the Salon Display Label template for traditional media.

Click here to download a PDF version of the Salon Display Label template for new media.

Salon Display Label Glossary of Terms:

•  Intended Purpose: A concise statement of the communication problems that the visual image solves. What is the message or story being told?

Note to Student Entrants: Students must also fill out an Intended Purpose statement for work to be judged. The Salon Judging Committee realizes that student works are intended to solve both technique and content problems. For example, if the assignment was to use wet highlights or wash techniques, then this information is appropriate and should be included in the Intended Purpose section of the Display Label.

•  Medium/Software: Art media or instruments used in rendering the image (for example, watercolor, gouache, acrylic, airbrush, ink, flexible or technical pen on paper, illustration board, film, etc.) If the image was rendered on the computer, the software used should be specified (Photoshop 4.0, Illustrator 7.0, etc.). If the artwork combines both traditional and computer media, then both should be described (for example, Graphite on Bristol/Photoshop).

•  Final Presentation Format: The form in which the artwork is to be presented to or utilized by its audience (for example, 35mm slide, videotape-still or animated sequence, courtroom graphic, print ad, journal cover, etc.).

•  Primary Audience: Those to whom the content of the visual image is intended to be communicated (for example, medical students, surgical residents, research scientists, patients, computer graphic, etc.).

•  Employer/Production Company: The name of the institution or firm by which you are employed (NOT the client for whom the work was prepared) or in the case of self-employment, your own company name.

Your completed Display Label should be enclosed in an envelope (with JPEG and Permission Form) and taped to the back of your artwork with low-tack drafting tape (see Placement Diagram below), so that it can be easily removed by the Salon Committee.

Artwork Identification Label

An Artwork Identification Label (sample at right) must be completed and affixed to the back of your entry to identify it throughout the Salon judging and hanging process.

Click here to download a PDF version of the Salon Identification Label template.

This label may be completed by hand (please print legibly). Once you've completed the label, it should be trimmed and securely adhered to the back of your artwork (see Placement Diagram below).




JPEG Files of Artwork

Entries MUST be accompanied by a JPEG file of the artwork. The file will be used for the projection at the Awards Banquet and for archival purposes. It is understood that the artwork is the sole possession of the artist. No reproduction or use of the JPEG provided will be made without prior written approval of the artist. The JPEG must meet the following requirements:

•  Storage Media: The image should be written to CD (storage media WILL NOT be returned to you)

•  Size: (Maximum dimensions) 7.5 in. high x 10 in. wide

•  Resolution: 150 dpi, RGB

•  File name: first 8 characters of last name_first and middle initial_year and category_entry number if more than one piece entered in same category.jpg

E.g. - John A. Brownstone, 2 entries in instructional color category (B) in the year 2006 would look like this:



Remember to record the name of this file on both the artwork identification label and on your disk. Be sure to include your disk in an envelope with the Salon Display Label and permission form and tape the envelope to the back of the artwork with low-tack drafting tape (see Placement Diagram above).


Salon Permission Form

This one-page form must be completed and placed in the envelope with your Display Label and disk (see Placement Diagram above). The JPEG file will become part of the AMI Archives.

Click here to download a PDF version of the Salon Permission Form.



1. Medical-Legal entries should be submitted both in a digital file format (no larger than 1024 ppi in the horizontal aspect and 768 ppi in the vertical aspect) for judging and as matted prints, no larger than 20" X 24" (including the matte) for exhibition.

2. Animation entries must be submitted on DVD. They will be edited together onto a DVD for viewing in the Salon. Artists are encouraged to limit their entries to a short, representative segment. A digitally-formatted screen capture of a representative frame must be included in JPEG or TIF formats. The Artwork I.D. Label should be affixed to the DVD case and the DVD should be labeled. Please affix a representative print in the space provided on your Salon Display Label. The envelope containing your Display Label and digital representation should be packaged and shipped together with your DVD.

3. Interactive Media

Web site entries: Web sites should be submitted on CD ROM as there will be no internet access in this year's Salon. Include with the site all associated files and plug-ins necessary to run the site. INCLUDE INSTRUCTIONS so that it is clear which file launches the web site. Include either a click script or a site map that clearly explains the desired path of navigation through the site. Entries will be displayed on the most recent version of Netscape or Internet Explorer. Test all CDs before submitting them. CDs should be labeled with: Title of entry, name of developer and URL. A representative digitally formatted screen capture must be included and a print version should be affixed to the Salon Display Label in the space provided.

Multimedia entries
:Please submit entries on a CD ROM or DVD. Entrants are encouraged, but not required, to submit entries that are both MAC- and PC-compatible. INCLUDE INSTRUCTIONS so that it is clear which file launches the program. Make sure to include all associated files and plug-ins needed to run the program. Test all CDs and DVDs before submitting them. A representative digitally formatted screen capture must be included and a print version should be affixed to the Salon Display Label in the space provided. Attach the Artwork I.D. label to the CD/DVD case. The CD/DVD itself should be labeled with the entry's title and the developer's name.

4. Three Dimensional (J) entries are limited to 4' x 4' x 4'.

5. Books (L) - A JPEG of either the book cover or representative artwork must be included. The Artwork I.D. label and the envelope containing the Display Label, CD with the JPEG file and permission form should be taped to the inside front cover of the book with low-tack tape.

6. Fine Art (K) sculpture is limited to 4' x 4' x 4'. Two-dimensional works should not exceed 30" x 40".


Packaging Artwork

Prepare a sturdy shipping package for your artwork. For two-dimensional entries, we recommend sandwiching the artwork between layers of sturdy foam board or heavy corrugated cardboard. Artwork shipped with loose Styrofoam filler packed in large boxes is sometimes damaged in transit. This method of packing is NOT recommended. When multiple entries are submitted in one shipment, please enclose a packing list inside your parcel detailing the contents (number of entries, disks, etc.).

Shipping Artwork

Your artwork ˇ including a Salon Display Label, Artwork Identification label and disk with JPEGS for each entry ˇ and permission form MUST ARRIVE at the Broad Institute NO LATER than Friday, July 7, 2006.

Entries received after this deadline will be excluded from the Salon and will be returned to the entrant C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery). Shipments should be slated for arrival between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm (Eastern Daylight time) Monday through Friday. DO NOT SHIP YOUR ARTWORK FOR SATURDAY ARRIVAL.

Send all entries to:

Broad Institute
Attn: AMI Salon
7 Cambridge Center
Cambridge, MA 02142

Telephone Number for Shipping: 1-617-423-4360



The award system for both Professional and Student Salon categories is two-tiered. The Salon jury will determine Awards of Excellence and Citations of Merit within each judged category. Awards of Excellence will be given to artwork that has met the highest standards of the profession, while Citations of Merit will be given to illustrations deserving special recognition of achievement.

The tradition of eponymous awards (e.g. the Russell Drake Award in Medical Line) within certain categories continues. The Ralph Sweet Member's Choice Award and the Muriel McLatchie Miller Fine Art Award are the two awards determined by the popular vote of professional member attendees.

Members of the AMI are encouraged to deposit their ballots for the Fine Art and Member's Choice in the appropriate box in the registration area no later than noon on Saturday, August 5. Awards for these two categories will be given during the Presidential Luncheon.



•  Artwork may be picked up beginning at 8:00 am on Sunday, August 6, 2006. ALL ARTWORK MUST BE REMOVED from the Salon on Sunday, August 6, by noon. ABSOLUTELY NO ARTWORK may be removed from the Salon prior to Sunday.

•  You are responsible for the manner of return of your artwork following the Salon. If you cannot attend the meeting, you should arrange with someone who is attending to retrieve your art. This person should be designated on the entry form or given a signed authorization note.

•  If you cannot attend the meeting and are unable to make arrangements to have your artwork picked up, you must enclose a completed (pre-paid account), self-addressed Federal Express/UPS/or other freight carrier return shipping label with your entry and send your entry in packaging that can be easily reused for the return.

•  Artwork not retrieved by the entrant or his/her designate and lacking a pre-paid, self-addressed return shipping label, will NOT be sent back to you.




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