Rediscover Boston – There’s something for everyone!

Some highlights from our program include:

  • Ben Fry: Illustrating the Human Genome and Other Large Datasets
  • Aaron Oliker: SmileTrain Virtual Surgery
  • The AMI Futures Forum - Where is our Profession Heading? A panel discussion, moderated by Betsy Palay, with Jane Hurd, Hurd Studios; Nancy Sharkey, Elsevier; Bang Wong, The Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard; and Jodie Jenkinson, University of Toronto.
  • Dr. Art Papier and Glen Hintz: Creation of an Interactive Web Site, The Dermatology Lexicon Project
  • Toby Bottorf, Director of Interactive Media at WGBH TV in Boston: Collaborations with Local Medical Centers.

Workshops will be held at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and will span computer graphics, fine art and biomedical sciences. Highlights include Bill Andrews presenting Painter, a full day of sketching at the SMFA in their Drawn from the Museum course, and a lecture covering the range of projects at the Surgical Planning Laboratory of Brigham and Women's Hospital.

The AMI salon opening reception, a truly gala event, will be hosted by Novartis at its Cambridge headquarters. The Vesalius Trust Auction will take place at the Boston Museum of Science, where we will dine in grand style, view the exhibits, and enjoy a private screening of the IMAX movie, Wired to Win: Surviving the Tour de France with presentations by special guests directly involved with the film. Our field trip planners have arranged a series of fabulous walking tours of our ‘big small city’, an historical medical tour of Massachusetts General Hospital, as well as a guided tour of Body Worlds 2, which will open at the Boston Museum of Science just prior to the beginning of our meeting.

For those of us interested in the latest in computer graphics and interactive techniques, SIGGRAPH 2006 will kick off at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center just prior to the start of our meeting.

The AMI last met here in 1949 -- it's about time to ...




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